Mechanical Engineering Projects

Latest project downloads for final year Mechanical engineering students. All Projects contain full documents, papers. Mechanical Engineering Students can download this and customize for their own purpose.

Air Driven Engine Mechanical Engineering project report download

Mechanical engineering final year project: A project report about “Air driven Engine”. It is based on compressed air. So it is also known as Eco friendly engine in mechanical field. This compressed air will be expanded and uses in the whole engine and it uses compressed air technology for the further processing. Actually it is […]

Mechanical Project: Automatic Pneumatic Bumper for 4 Wheeler

Final year Mechanical Engineering project: An automatic pneumatic bumper for four wheeler is a Engineering final year IEEE project for Mechanical students. Also this can be used for polytechnic/diploma/DME students. Typically this mechanical project will be used as a mini project for academics as well. Complete mechanical project report is available for free download. Find […]

Mech project : Powder Metal Sintering Technology

Students3k is a perfect place to download Mechanical engineering projects. Powder Metal Sintering Technology is a Mech final year project. Its a free downloadable project. Download and share this in Facebook and Google+ Projects Title : Powder Metal Sintering Technology Projects Abstracts : The conventional powder steel procedure, often called to as “press and sinter”, […]

Mech Mini Project : Active Magnetic Bearings

Students3k provides free mini projects for Mechanical engineering students. Active Magnetic bearing can be used as a Mini Project or Seminar topic for mechanical students. Project Title : Active Magnetic Bearings The common AMB program plan is shown in above determine. Besides the operator, the common management program also contains the indicator, A/D and D/A […]

Mech IEEE Base Paper : A 3D Fax Machine based on Claytronics

Students3k provides free IEEE base papers for Mechanical engineering students. A 3D Fax machine based on clytronics is a IEEE base paper which was presented on Intelligent Robots and Systems. Engineering students can download this project for no cost basis. IEEE Base Paper details : Base Paper Name : A 3D Fax machine IEEE Transactions […]