MBA Finance Projects: A study on Analysis of Financial statements

MBA finance projects report on Financial statements. This final year project report is a free downloadable material and it can be used for all kinds of MBA finance students. This MBA project’s title is “A study on Analysis of Financial statements“. Download this MBA major project for free of cost.

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It is a structured collection of information, that according to logical and consisted accounting techniques. An objective of this technique is to express an understanding of overall financial aspects of a business model. It may expose a sequence of actions over a given time period, as in the case of an income statement.

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Financial Analysis:

It is an activity to determine the financial strengths and weakness of the particular company. It is all about the profit and loss of an account and property relationship with the company. Financial analysis method can be done by management team of an organization or it may be by the out sourcing companies.


The study has the following objectives.

  • To provide a strong theoretical framework for analyzing financial statements.
  • To study the growth profile of the company during the study period.
  • To study the financial position of the company and operation of Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited
  • To appraise financial soundness of the company.
  • To offer suggestions for improvement in the company.

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The study mainly attempts to analyze the financial performance of the company selected for the study. The financial authorities can use this for evaluating their performance in future, which will help to analyze financial statements and help to apply the resources of the company properly for the development of the company and IT employees to bring overall growth. The present study attempt to develop a trend analysis model for Sales and Working Capital and Profit and Loss Accounts. There can be forecasting to evaluate the overall performance of the Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited in future.

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Analysis of Financial statements Project Report Download:

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Analysis of Financial statements Project