Free student project in PHP: Online Grading System’s source code [CGPA]

Free student project in PHP source code: Online grading system is project which is used to calculate the average grades of a student. This project can be used by a University or a better teacher. In education, worldwide educators are following few grading systems like GPA and CGPA. This PHP project can used to calculate the marks of a student through online. Many offline GPA and CGPA calculators are available for grading. But it is an Online grading calculator. Engineering students are sequent searching these kinds of CGPA applications.


  • Project Title: Online CGPA grading application,
  • Domain: Web Technology,
  • Language: PHP Script, CSS
  • Back-end: ODBC – MS-access

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 This simple PHP project is a code combination of a complete PHP website. It is also having the webpages like,

  • About us page,
  • Downloads section,
  • E-Learning pages,
  • Grading application page,
  • Workshop page,

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