EEE projects on Power supply failure alarm for final year students

EEE projects: This is an engineering EEE final year student’s project. It can be used as a mini project for 3rd year students. This electrical project is all about ALARM. This alarm rings at the time of power supply failure. Major products related companies are using these kinds of automatic alarms for avoiding the major loss. Manually, it is a difficult task to follow. Sometimes manual process will be failed because of a particular person. This is a simple project to implement.


  • Project Title: Power supply failure alarm,
  • Under: Electrical projects,
  • Useful for: EEE engineering students

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This Power supply failure alarm pdf has circuit diagram and working theory. Several alarms are available for power failure. But those kinds of power supply failure indicators need a separate power-supply for themselves. But our alarm circuit no needs an additional supply. It has an electrolytic capacitor, which is consists of enough charge to loud an alarm for several minutes.

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For this project, a circuit diagram has 2 parts. They are,

  • Power supply stage,
  • Power failure sensor & Alarm stage.

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